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    9 Benefits Men Semen for Health and Beauty

    Semen is a white fluid that comes out when a man ejaculates. Usually semen comes out in liquid form, can be condensed and can also dilute, depending on people who ejaculated condition. Semen can come out when the man was ejaculating, and can get out very much in a day, for the production of semen will continue to run,about within 15 minutes. So literally a man can ejaculate and issued semen every 15 minutes.
    Benefits of Semen and Sperm


    There are some unique facts about semen.

    Here are some interesting and unique facts about the semen:

    1. Semen has the same taste as the type of food consumed. If men often mengkonsmsi sweets, then semen would also teasa sweet.
    2. Semen will never run out
    3. Semen is produced in the testes
    4. Semen has a mineral content that is unimaginable, such as:
    • Vitamin C
    • Calcium
    • protein
    • Sodium
    • Iron
    • Citric acid
    • Fructose

    5. One teaspoon of semen contains 200 to 500 million sperm, and only one will fertilize the egg
    6. About no less than 5% of women are allergic to semen.

    Those are some interesting facts about semen.
    After knew interesting facts about semen let us now talk about the benefits. What are the benefits of semen?

    Here are the benefits of semen:

    1. As a 'courier' sperm carrier
    The first benefit of semen, and the most important is that the semen is a 'courier'; transporting millions (about 200-800 million) sperm cells. Sperm itself serves to fertilization of the egg cell, which would later develop into the embryo, then a fetus, and finally gives birth to a baby.

    2. Anti-depressants
    Another benefit of semen and sperm contained in the semen that you may not know semen and sperm are anti depressant, especially for women. This is caused by the content spermophagia contained in semen and sperm particulary.
    The content of this spermophagia is one of the anti-depressant agent, whose primary function is able to change the a person mood. This will have an impact on the person's condition will be happier, and able to release stress as well.

    3. Preventing Breast Cancer
    Not yet known exactly what substances contained in the sperm that can prevent breast cancer. However, there is a study which states that the sperm contained in the semen has anti-cancer effects. This anti-cancer effect means it is able to prevent the emergence of cancer, especially breast cancer.

    4. Good for skin health & beauty
    Semen benefits for skin health is very powerful. In accordance with some compositions contained in semen and sperm, the semen beneficial for maintaining healthy skin and beauty. It is caused by several mineral content contained in semen. Even some of those who've been practicing it also admitted that semen can make your skin smoother and healthier after a try.

    5. Healing the wounds
    The benefits of semen can also heal wounds, semen also contains iron. The content of this iron has excellent benefits to help speed up the healing of wounds. Besides vitamin C in semen is also able to menceagah emergence of infections in wounds, and to cleanse the wound of germs - germs and bacteria.

    6. Preventing tooth decay
    Other benefits of semen is seminal fluid can prevent tooth decay. Why? This is caused by calcium and zinc contained in semen. With their calcium content, then semen good for maintaining bone health, and can prevent a variety of tooth decay, such as:
    -Abrasion of teeth.

    7. As in traditional rituals
    Apparently, there are some tribes that use semen and sperm as part of a traditional ceremony at their disposal. One of them is Etoro tribe located in Papua New Guinea. Etoro people of Papua New Guinea using semen as one of the traditional ceremony into manhood.
    An outline of the ceremony is to reach sexual maturity recognized by customary law, then a teenage boy must ingest semen from their own parents. It is used to represent a symbol of maturity and sexual maturity. unb

    8. It is a source of potential energy
    Several studies have described that semen contains many potential energy. Even so, at this time can not be known with certainty that the use of energy. When semen ejaculated and pulled out, apparently in the body also occurs a form of the formation and release of energy that is quite large, which is believed to be a potential energy. Therefore, when the ejaculated and semen out, the body will feel weak and tired.

    It is also expressed by the theory of Chinese medicine stream, and also Chi Kung, where it was said that energy is transferred through the human sexual organs

    8. Effects of relaxation and comfort
    Another benefit of semen is the relaxation and comfort effects, as occurred ejaculation and semen out. When this happens, it feels like something is relieved, so it will give the effect of different relaxation and comfort. It is also of course useful for:
    - Removing stress and depression
    - Adding happiness
    - Increase satisfaction in terms of sexual

    That's some benefits of semen. Hopefully this article helpful. You might also want to know about the Benefits of Swallowing Sperm