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    30 Benefits of Swallowing Sperm

    At the previous article we have read about the 9 Benefits Men Semen for Health and Beauty, now on this time we want to explain the 30 Benefits of Swallowing Sperm.
    Swallowing sperm can make ageless? is it true? apparently there is no definitive research that the swallowed sperm could make one's ageless. The effect is certainly caused a sense of happiness because it can give satisfaction to our partners. Now, rather than curious, consider the following explanation.
    Benefits swallowing sperm

    Sperm composition
    The chemical composition contained in the sperm (in Mg / 100ml) is:

    Nutrient contentsValue mg/100ml
    Ascoric Acid 12,8
    Ash 9,9
    Calcium 25
    Carbon Dioxide 54
    Chloride 155
    Cholesterol 80
    Citric Acid 376
    Creatine 20
    Fructose 224
    Glutathione 30
    Glycerylphorylcholine 54-90
    Inositol 50,57
    Lactic Acid 35
    Pyruvic Acid 29
    Magnesium 14
    Nitrogen, nonprotein913
    Phosporus, acid soluble 57
    Lipid 6
    Total (lipid) 112
    Phosphorylcholine 250-830
    Potassium 89
    Inorganic 11
    Sodium 281
    Sorbitol 10
    Vitamin B12  300-600
    Sulfur 3% (of ash)
    Urea 72
    Uric Acid6)

    Ingredient that are useful for health, among others:
    1. Calcium to help the growth of bones and teeth. Maintain nerve and muscle function.
    2. Citric Acid helpful to prevent blood clots that occur in the body.
    3. Creatine is beneficial to burning fat in the body and helps increase energy, it is also useful to build muscle.
    4. Fructose useful for the prevention of diabetes mellitus.
    5. Glutathione is beneficial for cancer prevention / anti-cancer and blood clots that does not happen when operated.
    6. Inositol helpful to strengthen and prevent hair loss.
    7. Lactic Acid useful for the treatment of burns and wounds caused by surgery.
    8. Lipids play a role in the body's fat burning.
    9. Acid Pyruvic useful to fertilize.
    10. Sorbitol can help people constipation.
    11. Urea is useful weeks to remove excess nitrogen in our bodies.
    12. Uric Acid as an antidote to diabetes, but keep in mind that the consumption of too much uric acid, which results in gout and body aches.
    13. Sulfur makes the skin so beautiful and delicate.
    14. Vitamin B12 is useful to increase energy and stamina
    15. Zink to treat acne are scattered on the face.

    Nutritional content in Sperm
    Already discussed above chemical composition contained in the sperm. evidently the sperm also contains nutrients and high nutritional and beneficial for health.

    1.Sugar content in the sperm (sorbitol, inositol, fructose). Fructose sugar content equal to that of the honey and fruits. While sorbitol can be used as a sugar substitute for people with diabetes mellitus, and inositol which is useful to aid in hair growth and good for the brain.
    2. Rich of protein and amino acids (glutathione, deoxyribonucleic acid, creatine). Glutathione useful as an anti-oxidant, deoxyribonucleic acid (nucleic acid) and creatine helps increase energy.
    3. Having a lots of minerals (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium). Calcium can help the growth of bones and teeth, phosphorus plays an important role in the absorption of calcium into bones and teeth, potassium helpful to replace the body's cells with new ones, and magnesium to strengthen the immune system, keeping the organs in the body, energy metabolism, making bones getting stronger, and also has an important role in maintaining blood sugar levels remain stable.
    4. Rich in vitamins (B12, C, choline). Vitamin B12 is useful to make the body more refreshed and energized, vitamin C helps stimulate growth in the protein chain collagen. As well as choline which helps to create a sharper mind.
    5. Hormone content. The hormone testosterone helps increase sex drive, and prostaglandins play a role in muscle contraction, helps control blood pressure.

    Benefits of Chemical Compounds Contained in Sperm
    1. Beauty. The protein in sperm make the skin firmer, softer and smoother.

    2. Prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that is a scourge for women. With the not healthy lifestyle today's makes breast cancer susceptible to attack women of childbearing age. This triggers the emergence of the idea of ​​a cancer medicine. One of them is the use of sperm as anti-cancer.

    3. Increasing the body's immunity. The mineral content in the sperm (eg magnesium) makes the immune be increased.

    4. Prevent cancer. The content of glutathione plays an important role as an antidote to cancer.

    5. Teeth and bones. The content of calcium and phosphorus in the sperm can help pertubuhan also strengthens the bones and teeth of both.

    6. Constipation. Sorbitol is in the sperm is able to overcome a bowel obstruction or constipation.

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    7. Prevent diabetes. In the sperm that have a fructose content of beneficial for preventing diabetes.

    8. Morning sickness. In women who are pregnant (usually young pregnant) most will experience nausea or commonly known as morning sickness. This can be overcome either by swallowing sperm.

    9. Mood ride. Sperm get into the female genital (absorbed) can create a feeling of happiness and satisfaction after the intercourse. Mood will increase.

    10. The Descendants. Fertilising sperm in which pyruvic acid. Healthy and fertile sperm will be able to fertilize the egg in order to obtain offspring.

    11. Body slender. Perfect fat burning by lipid give the body ideal.

    Impact Swallowing Sperm
    Make the body so weak;
    The not healthy sperm can carry bacteria and germs;
    Uric acid can cause muscle pain and rheumatism.

    Benefits swallowing sperm is not yet widely in the snapping of the medical world officially, for that you must ensure that you react wisely.