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    Cyst Uterus Tumor & Miscarriages, How big the risks?

    Cyst Uterus Tumor & Miscarriages, How big the risks? - Miscarriage is one of the issues that horrible pregnancy. Many women warned cautioned to be careful during pregnancy so as not to have a miscarriage. Even so, miscarriage has great potential against certain types of women with certain health conditions.

    One of them was a woman who had a cyst or tumor of the uterus. RTumbuhnya abnormal flesh in the womb of this little lot have an influence on potential miscarriage. The case of a cyst or tumor growth flesh in the womb is indeed quite common among women.
    Cyst Tumor Uterus

    According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), most women will experience this, and the potential to increase to 80% when a woman reaches the age of 50 out upwards. Generally, cases of cysts do not cause complications of the disease, and many women do not realize that they have this disease condition.

    But in fact, there was only one two reported cases that actually cysts also affect the risk of pregnant women miscarried. That is why women are advised to first check their health before pregnancy, and if the cyst grows, it should be removed first so that the content can thrive.

    In serious cases, according to the NIH, the most severe woman can undergo a hysterectomy to overcome the cyst. Despite knowing that the cyst had a negative effect on pregnancy, particularly the possibility of increased risk of miscarriage, still not clear how much influence the level of seriousness of the cyst to miscarriage.