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    Knowing Menstrual Disorders

    The biggest changes that occur when the growth is the onset of menstruation. Menstruation is a slight discharge of blood from the vagina for a few days every month. This may sound daunting, but menstruation shows that the body work properly. There is no need to fear if the teenagers know what is happening. Menstruation associated with babies. Every month a woman's womb to form a thick layer of blood vessels and soft, so the baby can live in it. If not pregnant, the uterine lining to decay and out through the vagina as a period.

    There are two clues as to when menstruation will begin. Typically probably started 2 ½ years after the breasts begin to grow. And for several months before first menstruation, may be discharge from the vagina more than usual. Menstruation usually begins at age 10 to 15 years, but not always. The period between one menstruation to the next menstruation approximately 28 touched (4 weeks or about a month). But this can vary from 20 to 35 days or even longer, especially at the beginning of menstruation. Menstruation can occur a minimum of 2 emotion and maximum of 8 days. The cause of menstruation is a sex hormone. In the first two weeks in a month, estrogen makes the inner lining of the uterus thicken. Then, the eggs are cooked out from one of the ovaries and fallopian down to tba. Progesterone then further thicken the lining of the uterus, but if the egg does not meet with sperm and grows into a baby, broke eggs and estrogen and progesterone levels fall. This causes the lining shed and menstruation occurs.
    Menstrual Disorders

    Most women at the beginning of menstruation or menstruation feel more comfortable using tampons compared tempon. Sanitary napkins fit the shape of underpants and can absorb the blood out of the body. In the use of pads during menstruation or menstruation should daytime replacement pads every couple of hours. Not just fear of leaking, but to stop the bacteria multiply in it. Menstrual blood is very clean but when it came out of the body of blood to meet the bacteria in the air and this could lead to baau even infection.

    A woman who has stepped on during puberty puberty will definitely experience menstruation. Menarche, or first menstrual period usually occurs at age 12-13 years. And still be considered normal if it occurs between the ages of 10-15 years. At the time of a woman's menstrual will issue the endometr decay because it does not occur.

    Here are some cases of menstrual disorders, among others:

    • Hipermenorhoe or excessive menstrual
    • Amenorhoe ata can not menstruating
    • Dismenorhoe or menstrual pain
    • Polimenoragu is a menstrual cycle shorter than usual
    • Oligomenorrhea was more oanjang menstrual cycle than usual.

    Usually approach menstrual women experience a variety of complaints were annoying. Almost all women experience PMS, cramps, or dizziness on the eve of menstruation. PMS is Premenstrual syndrome is a disorder of the physical and emotional moments before menstruation. If PMS came usually will experience:
    • Acne grows
    • The body feels swollen
    • Fatigue

    If it turns out we need medicine, can be used analgesics such as ibuprofen. But if we got serious PMS immediately contact your doctor to ask what consultation rock treatment.

    One of the menstrual disorder is an irregular menstrual cycle. How to launch an irregular menstruation can be done in the following way:

    • How to expedite menstrual periods to ensure adequate intake of nutritious foods and seloain it keep eating well, food consumed is highly nutritious food for the body. Avoid diets that are less healthy. Do not eat foods that contain fat and high cholesterol.
    • How to naturally induced period is to reduce the excessive activity that could trigger a high fatigue as doing a heavy job for example is lifting weights and others.
    • Enough to consume water with 2 liters a day, equivalent to 8 glasses a day as one way launch period is late.
    • Exercise regularly and do sports that are not too heavy. One type of exercise that can be done is jogging and brisk walking. Because by doing light exercise regularly can help to expedite the delayed menstruation and irregular.
    • Consult your doctor if you experience irregular menstrual problems and accompanied by bleeding that occurs in a prolonged time.

    SO the information regarding menstruation or irregular menstruation and how to act unilaterally. May be useful for you.